False Prophet

About a year J. Cole released a song called “False Prophet” the first verse of the song is believed to be about Kanye West. Was J. Cole warning the people about Kanye, with all these recent antics J. Cole just may have been trying to warn the community.

During the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina Kanye spoke out and stated that President George Bush did not care about black people and when Kanye got on the stage of the MTV awards to state that Beyoncé should be the winner, not Taylor Swift. These statements by Kanye led us to believe this man was or could be a powerful voice for the black community. But recently Kanye seems to have made a complete 180 with regards to his statement concerning the black community. Kanye has come out in support of Donald Trump, a man who policies and action are counter-intuitive to the success of the black population of America and Candace Owens a woman who sole purpose is to alleviate white Americas of the guilt they should feel for the treatment of black people. People will say he can be a Republican if he wants to, this has nothing to do with political parties or political ideologies. If political ideologies were important then Republicans would not support any of these people. In my opinion, Kanye change of perspective is based solely on financial gain. Black people who turn on the black community are well compensated for doing so, if people really look at it Kanye is not as popular or successful as he used to be. Kanye has realized what is left of his core audience is white, by pandering to this white audience his fan base will increase. For example, Stacey Dash, she was irrelevant and obscure but once she starts degrading the black community she starts getting appearances and is hired by the Fox network. White people know there a portion of the black community that will do anything for money. Just recently that Tennessee Sheriff stated it is cheaper to kill suspects because you just must pay the family some money and that is it. Kanye West is that family member. Do you remember the Bible verse 1 Timothy 6:10, “For the love of money is the root of all evil.”

The danger of this new version of Kanye West is that some younger people might still believe he is a genius or a prophet. Hopefully, they quickly realize a true prophet cannot be bought and is not motived by money.