Books and Bullets

By now everyone has heard about the tragedy that has taken place in Parkland, Florida regarding the shooting death of 17 people. The bright side that has developed, if anything regarding this incident can be considered bright, is the way the students have reacted. Students from the school and all around the country have taken a stand against gun violence and have called for tougher gun restrictions. After hearing their cries and the horror stories from these children you would assume the adults in charge would act to easy these children’s fears. But no, the response that is given is to inject more guns into the situation by arming teachers and other school staff members.

One of my concerns regarding arming teachers and school staff is how will this affect black school children. Recently, we have seen police come into schools and physically assault black children, we seen teachers assault black children and teachers have been discovered to have an affiliation with hate groups, alt-right groups, or white supremacy groups. Now they are talking about arming the same people who hate our children, it is bad enough they maybe miseducating our children now you are giving them a license to kill. For those who believe the teachers are only to use their guns in a situation such as a mass shooting or when the lives of the student are in jeopardy remember threats they may be life-threatening are subjective. People must remember Trayvon Martin and Tamir Rice, they were perceived as threats by their killers or at least that what their killers said. So, what happens when a teacher perceives a student is a threat and shoots a child? We know if this happens more than likely the child shot will be a child of color. Now people when say if there is another mass shooting won’t it be better than the teachers are armed. I just read a stat that trained police officers when shooting hit their targets 34% of the time. With what will the percentage of teachers be? The shots the miss the intended target, what will they hit? So now I children may be casualties of friendly fire.

There is absolutely no need for people to have assault weapons, police departments, and military personnel believe assault weapons should not be in the possession. So, people must understand that money trumps their children lives. As gun manufacture you make and sell several different guns so why make assault rifles. I do not have the proof, but I am willing to bet that the manufacturing of AR-15 rifles have increased since they have become the weapon of choice by mass shooters. If I am right that means they the gun manufacturers are profiting off the deaths and are betting, there will be more

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So What You Took A Knee

This past weekend we witness a large portion of the NFL react to Donald Trump’s statement which he indicates any player who kneels during the National Anthem should be fired. The media and the public have praised many of the players and owners for opposing Trump and taking a knee or showing so another form of gesture during the anthem. I respect the unity and the heart to stand against the Donald Trump but part of me is disappointed.

The reason why I am somewhat disappointed is the fact that the reason Colin Kaepernick started sitting and then kneeling during the national anthem was to protest police brutality and the injustice towards black people. The fact that INNOCENT black people being slaughtered in the streets by the police and receiving no justice for these atrocities was not a good reason to take a knee. Some have only taken a knee because Trump called the league out and threaten their livelihood. Now the media is talking about every team who performed some gesture but NO ONE is talking about the injustice that started Colin on this crusade. The murder of Tamar Rice, Alton Sterling, Philando Castiel, or Freddy Gray wasn’t good enough to stand up against the system but an empty threat was the catalyst for your resistance. During all this kneeling we find out the T-Boz, of TLC, a relative was murdered by the police and this instance was barely reported. If not for T-Boz we may not have heard about this killing.

So what you took a knee, the reason for the knee as not been addressed and we are still be murdered by the people sworn to protect us. For all the black NFL players who did not want knee before the Donald Trump statement, you do not have to take a knee but you should donate money to the fight. There are many street-level organizations fighting the good fight you can donate too. There is no excuse for failing your people if you do not want to use your voice then use your wallet.

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Have We Forgotten

In Case You Forgot


In Case you forgot is an article written by Michael Harriot for The Root.com (link below). This article discusses the more recent police shooting, according to the article there has been 237 people shot and killed by the police since the beginning of 2017. The article goes on to outline some questionable shootings involving Black victims and have we forgot about this continuous slaughter of Black people.

My question is have we forgotten or are we desensitized about the subject. Have we become familiar with killings or have we accepted the killings as part of our lives in America. If either are true then Black Americans are doomed. I am not sure either premise is true, I offer another premise. Do we only care when it is popular to express our outrage? I ask this because when there is a video, a hashtag, or the incident is trending online there seems to be more outrage. Are we waiting for someone or the majority of society to decide this is something to voice our opinion about or march in the streets for. In some odd way I believe the victim’s families would like the outcry for justice that some of the other victims received, they may want their stories told across the nation, depicting how they are loved and how people who were dear to person are heartbroken as a result of a killer cop. Colin Kaepernick kneeling did not open the eyes to those who do not see the injustice, maybe if we scream loud enough after each killing people will start to understand that these incident were not isolated. Instead of the media trying to turn the victims into criminals they would have to listen because our screams would be deafening. It is my opinion that the reason why people hate Colin Kaepernick so much is that he has help expose America’s misdeeds to the world. If we screamed loud after each murder the rest of the world will have no choice but to listen and America does not want to appear to be evil to the rest of the world. I believe by remaining silent we are contributing to the deaths that will occur in the near future. If there is no payment for misdeeds the misdeeds will multiply.

Have we forgotten?