Is POC for ME? My Social Experiment

There was a conversation taking place on social media surrounding the term “People of Color” the premise was that black people should not subscribe to that term because People of Color do not have our experiences and do not ride with us when we are fighting white supremacy. I thought about and I have seen other ethnicities marching with us and showing support but the amount of support we do receive does not reflect the country’s population. This may be a presumption on my part, but I think people when speaking on POC our focus is on Latinos and Native Americans, now Latinos make up of about 12% of the population. So, is it fair to expect to see just as many Latinos marching as Black people? I do not know, I do see several Latinos participating but what I do not see is Latino leaders or clergy being involved. Because of this observation, I decided to conduct an experiment.

Last week there was a video that went viral of a lawyer in New York City berating people for speaking Spanish. The man is clearly a racist and has problems, but I decided this may be the perfect situation to conduct an experiment on social media to see if POC are united.  And it would also give me the opportunity to troll.  As I was going through twitter I saw several posts about the video, but I wanted to post my response on a page that would get a response. I get to Shaun King post I think this is perfect, it is perfect because Shaun post and address all social issue that affects POC and he always pointing out the corruption in law enforcement. This is what I tweeted “In all fairness, you should not speak Spanish if the person you are serving does not speak Spanish”, now divorced from this incident no one should dispute this statement but because I associated it with this incident I know I would get a reaction. First, the women speaking Spanish were not serving him, therefore my tweet was irrelevant. People who tweet me back stating this I did not engage. But I got tweets calling me all types of names and accusing me of different things, those people I did engage, and I must admit I did troll them by tweeting back comments that would infuriate them. I would tell them that I am not defending this man, but you should speak English when engaging someone who only speaks English. My point of this experiment was to see if the people who were so annoyed by this situation and my tweet were just as annoyed with an issue affecting black people. When I went through the tweets and likes of these people what I found that many them did not tweet, like or retweet about any incidents affecting black people. There was nothing in response to Starbucks, Waffle House, Airbnb, Yale or Lake Merritt. I was amazed that the situation involving these women, although terrible, annoyed them enough to comment but these other incidents where police were called on these innocent people did not annoy them enough to comment. What surprised me the most and what I did not anticipate was that most of the people who I engage were not Latinos.

This experiment did not answer any questions for me, I have more questions now. Do people value Latinos lives more than Black lives? Have people been desensitized to the abuse of Black people? Is White Supremacy pitting Latinos against Blacks?


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