You Are Black First







Today there seem to be more people woke, and there is a need for more people to wake up. Racial tensions are high around the world but especially in America. At some point, this heighten racial climate will come to ahead, but I believe the black community will not be ready when the racial divide comes to the end of the road. The end of the road maybe peaceful existences or a race war, the black community may not survive either scenario because we are so busy fighting amongst ourselves.

The reason I have this list at the beginning of this post is that there is one similar thing that is the word “black”. People must understand however you are described, or you describe yourself black or African -American precede everything else. When you walk in a room the first thing that comes to people mind; consciously or subconsciously; is your blackness. If you are a doctor and you walk into the room to examine your patient the first thing that crosses the patient’s mind is, you are a black doctor. You notice if your waiter is black, your nurse, the valet, the theater usher and so on. My point to is that being black is the common denominator and the primary factor, therefore, our blackness should be the primary subject, focus or key to our resurgence. On social media, I see an abundance of black women blaming black men and vice a versa. You have straight black men and women lashing out against black gay men and women. All these issues that exist in the black community can be settled once we arrive at the end of the racial divide, we are about 14% of the population in America that means there is 86% of the population that may not have our interest in the forefront of their life agendas. With us at war against each other, we are decreasing that 14% even further. We are clearly outnumbered, there will be traders, but we must be unified and not divided based on religious beliefs or skin tone. The people who wish to keep black people oppress relish in the fact that we are fighting amongst each other and implement things to ensure we keep fighting amongst each other. Everyone knows about the Willie Lynch letter, but we are active participants in his theory and ensuring that it becomes a fact.

It is my belief that once the black community separates ourselves from the oppressor or we co-exist as equals most of the issues we fight amongst ourselves over will no longer be an issue. If these issues do still exist at that point we can deal with them then but first we must deal with the primary issue, the unfair treatment of all black people.



5 thoughts on “You Are Black First

  1. I’m not sure how I feel about using a race as an identifier. Especially this day in age when so many people have multiracial genetics. But, in the same breath, having an identity and a group is critical to a healthy sustained culture. Without each contribution, America dies. Maybe if blackness hadn’t been penalized for two-hundred years the communities would be more cohesive. Though I know one local church that does amazing work in community service, and has a very strong following.


    • I am glad if you don’t use race as an identifier, but many in the country do. Black people are not treated as equals but for us to be seen and treated as equals we must first treat each other as equals, there is infighting that delays us from being treated as equals.


      • It’s this kind of discussion that does wonders for community. The things that each community struggles with is important to acknowledge (coughs “mass shooters”). But there is no way it can start until people like you are willing to bring it up. Well down, Wright.


  2. I was just working on my own blog and thought I would look through the reader and put in one of the hashtags I use and I found your site. Your post was insightful and I loved it. The message is clear. Unify or die


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