Is POC for ME? My Social Experiment

There was a conversation taking place on social media surrounding the term “People of Color” the premise was that black people should not subscribe to that term because People of Color do not have our experiences and do not ride with us when we are fighting white supremacy. I thought about and I have seen other ethnicities marching with us and showing support but the amount of support we do receive does not reflect the country’s population. This may be a presumption on my part, but I think people when speaking on POC our focus is on Latinos and Native Americans, now Latinos make up of about 12% of the population. So, is it fair to expect to see just as many Latinos marching as Black people? I do not know, I do see several Latinos participating but what I do not see is Latino leaders or clergy being involved. Because of this observation, I decided to conduct an experiment.

Last week there was a video that went viral of a lawyer in New York City berating people for speaking Spanish. The man is clearly a racist and has problems, but I decided this may be the perfect situation to conduct an experiment on social media to see if POC are united.  And it would also give me the opportunity to troll.  As I was going through twitter I saw several posts about the video, but I wanted to post my response on a page that would get a response. I get to Shaun King post I think this is perfect, it is perfect because Shaun post and address all social issue that affects POC and he always pointing out the corruption in law enforcement. This is what I tweeted “In all fairness, you should not speak Spanish if the person you are serving does not speak Spanish”, now divorced from this incident no one should dispute this statement but because I associated it with this incident I know I would get a reaction. First, the women speaking Spanish were not serving him, therefore my tweet was irrelevant. People who tweet me back stating this I did not engage. But I got tweets calling me all types of names and accusing me of different things, those people I did engage, and I must admit I did troll them by tweeting back comments that would infuriate them. I would tell them that I am not defending this man, but you should speak English when engaging someone who only speaks English. My point of this experiment was to see if the people who were so annoyed by this situation and my tweet were just as annoyed with an issue affecting black people. When I went through the tweets and likes of these people what I found that many them did not tweet, like or retweet about any incidents affecting black people. There was nothing in response to Starbucks, Waffle House, Airbnb, Yale or Lake Merritt. I was amazed that the situation involving these women, although terrible, annoyed them enough to comment but these other incidents where police were called on these innocent people did not annoy them enough to comment. What surprised me the most and what I did not anticipate was that most of the people who I engage were not Latinos.

This experiment did not answer any questions for me, I have more questions now. Do people value Latinos lives more than Black lives? Have people been desensitized to the abuse of Black people? Is White Supremacy pitting Latinos against Blacks?


Horace Greeley: A True Warrior for Right?

Last month someone mentioned the name Horace Greeley and his impact on slavery, so I decided to do some research on the man. Horace Greeley was a newspaper editor, who was born in New Hampshire but spent his formidable years in New York City. Greeley founded the New York Tribune, which employed individuals such as Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. The way the story is told is that Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves but if not for Horace Greeley would Lincoln free the slaves?

Greeley met Lincoln when both serviced in Congress, both men belong to the Whig Party. Greely grew disenchanted with the party’s ambivalence toward slavery, which he opposed on both moral and economic grounds. In 1854 he transferred his allegiance to the newly emerging Republican Party, which he helped organize. Throughout the decade Greeley’s newspaper fed the rising antislavery persuasion of the North. His editorial columns consistently opposed any compromise on the slavery issue as he argued against popular sovereignty (local option) in the territories, called for unrestricted free speech and mail privileges for abolitionists, encouraged Free-Soilers (who opposed slavery in the Kansas Territory), and advocated forcible resistance to federal fugitive-slave hunters. Greeley strongly opposed the Dred Scott decision. The New York Tribune was a well-respected newspaper, this, in turn, gave Greeley some power, Greeley initially supported Lincoln’s challenger for President but he eventually gave his support to Lincoln and helped Lincoln win the seat of President.

During the Civil War Lincoln sought Greeley’s support and advise. The Northern army was much larger the Confederate Army, but the Northern Army was losing some of the battles. It was Greeley who suggested to Lincoln to have slaves fight in the war with the promise of freedom at the end of the war. After the war, Greeley urged the Lincoln to free all the slaves but Lincoln only threaten to free the slaves in Confederate states. In the first Emancipation Proclamation Lincoln stated if the rebels did not end fighting and rejoin the union by January 1, 1863, all slaves in the rebellious states would be free. In other words, if they stopped fighting slavery would continue. The rebels did not stop fighting. Lincoln was going to keep his promise by freeing the slaves in the rebellious states, but Greeley wanted him to free all slaves. Greeley published an article in the New York Tribune expressing his wishes this prompted Lincoln to write Greeley a letter. Contain in this letter is the following: “My paramount object in this struggle is to save the Union, and is not either to save or to destroy slavery. If I could save the Union without freeing any slave I would do it, and if I could save it by freeing all the slaves I would do it, and if I could save it by freeing some and leaving others alone I would also do that. What I do about slavery, and the colored race, I do because I believe it helps to save the Union; and what I forbear, I forbear because I do not believe it would help to save the Union.” As you can see the freeing of the slaves was not an important issue to Lincoln, but it was and remained an important issue to Greeley. After the pressure by Greeley and others, Lincoln conceded and freed all slaves.

The question remains if Horace Greeley did not take the stance he did would we be free today? Why is Abraham Lincoln accredited with freeing the slaves when this was not a goal of his? Lincoln clearly states he would leave slavery in place if it served his agenda. The gives us statues of Robert E. Lee and cement him in history but hide people like Horace Greeley. Now there may be some flaws regarding Greeley but he was on the right side of this topic.


False Prophet

About a year J. Cole released a song called “False Prophet” the first verse of the song is believed to be about Kanye West. Was J. Cole warning the people about Kanye, with all these recent antics J. Cole just may have been trying to warn the community.

During the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina Kanye spoke out and stated that President George Bush did not care about black people and when Kanye got on the stage of the MTV awards to state that Beyoncé should be the winner, not Taylor Swift. These statements by Kanye led us to believe this man was or could be a powerful voice for the black community. But recently Kanye seems to have made a complete 180 with regards to his statement concerning the black community. Kanye has come out in support of Donald Trump, a man who policies and action are counter-intuitive to the success of the black population of America and Candace Owens a woman who sole purpose is to alleviate white Americas of the guilt they should feel for the treatment of black people. People will say he can be a Republican if he wants to, this has nothing to do with political parties or political ideologies. If political ideologies were important then Republicans would not support any of these people. In my opinion, Kanye change of perspective is based solely on financial gain. Black people who turn on the black community are well compensated for doing so, if people really look at it Kanye is not as popular or successful as he used to be. Kanye has realized what is left of his core audience is white, by pandering to this white audience his fan base will increase. For example, Stacey Dash, she was irrelevant and obscure but once she starts degrading the black community she starts getting appearances and is hired by the Fox network. White people know there a portion of the black community that will do anything for money. Just recently that Tennessee Sheriff stated it is cheaper to kill suspects because you just must pay the family some money and that is it. Kanye West is that family member. Do you remember the Bible verse 1 Timothy 6:10, “For the love of money is the root of all evil.”

The danger of this new version of Kanye West is that some younger people might still believe he is a genius or a prophet. Hopefully, they quickly realize a true prophet cannot be bought and is not motived by money.



To the Hotep Hypocrite

I am tired of the Hotep Hypocrite, when the comedian Mo’Nique had her moment going against Netflix there were a lot of people on her side. People complained that black female entertainers are being paid less than their white counterparts, this is true but most of the time the reason is not race based. Many will read that last statement and disagree, but they will be unable to prove it.

The reason I am using the term Hotep Hypocrite is I find many of the people doing the most complaining do nothing to change the situation. The reason black entertainers are paid less in many situations is based on the fact they do not generate the same revenue as the white people. Since Mo’Nique’s rant, there have been a couple of chances for people who supported Mo’Nique to flex their muscles and show Hollywood our people deserve the same financial respect as others. Taraji P. Henson has been in two movies in the last few months, Proud Mary and Acrimony. Acrimony has done well during the first week but should have done better. Proud Mary has only made 20 million when films like Red Sparrow and Tomb Raider have more than twice that of Proud Mary. They are not better films, the actresses did not have a better performance, all three are action films with women as the lead character. So why didn’t Proud Mary make as much money, one reason our people did not support the film. Some of the same people complain about the success of Black Panther, their complaint is Disney is getting all the money, the actors are not making a lot of money, and none of the money is coming back to the black community. This all true but it is a business, people say we should have our own movie companies, that is great but people like Tyler Perry has his own company and the Hotep Hypocrites will say I do not like Tyler Perry or do not like the movies he makes. That is fine but movies such as Tariq Nasheed’s “1804″ and Jason Black’s RaceWar should have or should make well over a $100 million but they did not. People have said forget Black Panther we need real heroes depicted on the screen like Nat Turner and Denmark Vesey but Birth of a Nation did not do well in theaters.

There is another opportunity coming up real soon that will show Hollywood our Black women deserve the same payday as white actresses. Gabrielle Union is the lead in a new movie called “Breaking In“, so all those who sided with Mo’Nique, who criticized Black Panther, who dislike Tyler Perry movies, and the black feminist this a chance to prove my theory wrong.

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A Step in the Wrong Direction

The recent murder of Stephon Clark has become a frequent occurrence in the black community. An unarmed black man gunned down by the police. Believed to be a suspect for breaking into parked cars the police chased him and shot him dead in his backyard. I heard his brother state that Stephen name will be revered or is added to a list of names that include Tamir Rice, Eric Garner, Walter Scott and Michael Brown. For me the most disturbing thing about this list is that is forever growing, there are countless names that we do not know about who should be on this list. With deaths of these black people, we have not move one step in the right directions. When reading some of the comments on social media it seems that we are moving further in the wrong direction.

Social media allows people to voice their opinion without dealing with the pain of the other people and basing their position on little to no knowledge of the person or the individual. Most of the misinformation or lack of information falls on the lap of the media. The media creates a narrative and then push that narrative, the narrative is based on what will garner the most attention. Not what is the truth, not will be better for society, not what shows the most respect for the family. People look at Ancient Rome and how the Coliseum was used to put on fights to the death for the entertainment of the people. My question is are we different from those days of watching the Gladiators kill each other for the people entertainment.

One of the arguments I see presented on social media is that he should not have run from the police, only guilty people run. Many black people know this not to be true. Running from the police is built on a history of distrust an unfair treatment. One must remember the creation of the police stems from the slave patrol, therefore it may be an innate response to run from the police. Black people have wrongfully imprisoned and beaten by police. Recent reporting by Shaun King has shown the corruption surrounding the police with regards to imprisoning people of color falsely. Everyone knows someone wrongfully arrested or someone who was abused by the police. Sometimes running seems like the best option. A friend of mines brother was wrongfully accused and arrested. My friend brother’s wife had just past, he worked at night as a security guard, so during his lunch break, he decides to take a walk because this is something he would do after the death of his wife. While walking he was stopped and arrested for robbing a woman, he was given a high bail. When the robbery took place he was at work, so he was in jail for weeks while the family got enough money together to bail him out, then paid a lawyer who easily able to prove his innocence. But because he was in jail for so long and he was going to court to prove his innocence he lost his job, therefore unable to provide for his kids and pay rent. One of the things he said is I should have run.

People have to understand that the police have destroyed many of our lives in different ways, some of the killings of the police are just more known but the impact of the misconduct of police has a wide For those who believe that it is the victims fault the police killed them, I have one question would you feel the same if it was your child?